Bukit Jalil Development

Bukit Jalil is located in Malaysia which is also a suburb to Kuala Lumpur. It is surrounded by amenities like national sports complex on the east, city boundaries to the west, the Shah Alam Expressway on the north and to the southern side, which has the punching-Sungai highway and city boundaries.

There lots of developers around Bukit Jalil Development such as the Berjaya properties with their KM1 east at Bukit Jalil and the 2nd residences also at Bukit Jalil. They intend to construct properties like the freehold property in Kuala Lumpur in other to meet up with city standard.

Bukit Jalil city which is an urban metropolis in Malaysia, has created a new way of integrating the community development which exceeds the need to change lifestyle of population in urban with links, convenience, living in a wealthy lifestyle such as being among the cities having luxury condo in Malaysia and so many other characteristics in urban area. The community has also been guaranteed of cool accessibilities by building three special pedestrian bridges linking to the biggest 80-acre public park which is located in the Klang Valley.

Bukit Jalil is well equipped with high-class infrastructures and public facilities such as the LRT stations, the sports complex, golf and country resort, freehold property in  bukitjalil and so on. It is also important to know that it is stylishly located with a good link to KL city center, Petaling Jaya and the southern corridor through a network of highways and LRT service.

There is a great development in Bukit Jalil which is the Pavilion Bukit Jalil mall and rated as one of the one of the largest shopping mall in the country which is managed by the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur retail planning team. Pavilion Bukit Jalil has brought the classic shopping experience and aiming to be the ultimate cosmopolitan shopping hub to invite the additional interest of the surrounding population and the visitors.

The office workers, shoppers, and residents have been assured of adequate access to the 80 acres Bukit Jalil recreational center through the three pedestrian bridges. With all infrastructures within the walkway distance, Bukit Jalil city has shown the best in everything which a should be present in a development in an inspiring community development, making it a habitable place.

According to Hong, the city is a unified community development which is on a 50-acre freehold land in the heart of Bukit Jalil is no exclusion. He further explains that the city is planned in a way that there will be adequate accessibility to various places which will be enjoyed by both visitors, business people, shoppers and residents with no congestion and also be among cities with Luxury freehold property in Malaysia.

The city also has a Luxury serviced apartment which is named the park sky residence. They are equipped with good fitting and furnishings. This has not only uplifted the development but also investment has gained value in the city.

At this point we should all have been convinced that living in Bukit Jalil will be a lively experience through the lifestyle in that city is still lower compared to that of Kuala Lumpur. I think this is another option for those who want to reside in Kuala Lumpur but could not meet up with the expenses KL.