Top 4 Tropical Beaches in Brazil

When the cold season is approaching, many people would plan for getaways to tropical beach destinations where they can get tanned under the hot sun. Brazil is a top vacation destination for those who are looking to holiday on a tropical coastline as it has more than 4,650 miles of beaches. The following is a list of 4 Brazil beaches for people who want to experience the best tropical vacations.

  1. Copacabana Beach

Copacabana beach is a 4 km long world famous beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There are staff hosing the shore with water to protect the feet from getting burn by the hot sand. There are a number of kiosks where you can buy things to eat at the beach. You can also buy food and souvenirs from the street vendors. While relaxing, you can watch the local kids playing football on the shore. At night, the … Read the rest